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Music Director Duties and Responsibilities 

To accomplish the goal of leading artists and band  Music Directors perform many tasks. We analysed several job listings to identify Music Director duties and responsibilities.


Plan Performance Schedule

The Music Director coordinates and schedules all performances for their musical group. In cooperation with EMG, they develop calendar and coordinate with the appropriate contacts within EMG to plan and schedule performances. In the case of a Music Director for a radio or television show, they set up live performances for the show.


Select Music

Music Directors select and plan the  music that the group or artist will perform. They collaborate with the  creative team leaders to choose the appropriate set for the show, and establish the right sound for any given production for the performance. They also work to fully utilize the talents and skills of all band members of their group to get the best display of their abilities. 

Rehearse and Train

Music Directors work with their musical groups or artist to improve their skills and prepare for performances. They may conduct one on one practices, and lead group rehearsals.

Lead Performances

Music Directors conduct live and recorded performances. They may also accompany the group or artist to these performances If its playback or live band. 

Music Director Skills

Well organized and a strong leader, a successful Music Director is creative, tenacious and dependable. They have excellent interpersonal skill and shine in front of a crowd. In addition to these general skills and personality traits, employers are seeking Music Director candidates with the following skills.



Musical Director £130 per day.


Musical Director for shows £150 per day.


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