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Musician, Musical Director, Programmer

Founder of his own company Elevation Music Group Ltd (EMG) which he has ran for the past 5 years.


Over the past 16 years he has emerged as a dominant force within the  Midland's diverse artistic community, both through the music he directs and the live events he plays at. In addition to this, his work ethic has allowed him to be blessed to work along some great artists that cover a wide spectrum within the music genres by covering diverse projects whether it be UK Tours, Theatre tours or Headline Shows that he undertakes through his company.

He is a devoted cultural advocate  who is passionate and committed to providing platforms for artistic expression focusing on is aim to become a role model for the generation below him and share experiences.

From where he started to where he is now,  Gospel, R&B, Pop and Hip Hop have been the guide to the style of music he plays, this has opened so many doors and allowed him to see and develop a perspective of where the music industry currently is and where it could potentially reach.

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